Challenge Yourself

Are you working hard enough to reach your goals?

Change isn't easy, if it were there would be no need for people like me! When it comes to your fitness, nutrition, and even personal goals, ask yourself- "AM I CHALLENGING MYSELF?"

  • Are you sweating enough after a workout session?
  • Are you making enough time to meal prep or go to the gym?
  • Have you cut out ALL bad foods or habits?
  • Are you putting in the extra time and effort?
  • Is it time to increase the weights and/or cardio?
  • Is it time to try a tougher class?

Ask yourself these YES or NO questions above (or come up with some similar questions of your own) and answer them honestly. If you answered no to any of these it is time for you to step it up a bit. Not challenging yourself could be the reason you aren't seeing enough, if any, results. It may also be time to reevaluate or set new goals for yourself.

Sometimes it can be hard to reevaluate or set new goals. No worries- this is where I come in! If you need any assistance with setting or reevaluating goals send me an email via the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Are You Stretching Enough?

benefits of stretching


I must admit one of my weakness is STRETCHING! I know the importance and benefits of stretching, as well as a variety of stretches to do, but have failed to make stretching a consistent part of my fitness regimen. I do stretch before and after workouts but have never focused more than 10 minutes on stretching. Shockingly I love to foam roll but after 3 minutes (maybe less) I'm done- I can't handle the pain, even though it's a "good pain". 

I think my lack of proper stretching is finally catching up with me. My body has been asking for more stretching and I am finally ready to give my body what it needs! I honestly can't deal with the muscle and joint pain and soreness any longer. I am now ready and have made a new goal to spend at least an hour a week focusing only on stretching. I started this last week by going to a yoga class and I loved it! Yoga was just what I needed and I hate that it took me so long to attend a class. I am actually excited about attending again and also more likely to make stretching a priority.

Since I have rediscovered stretching, I want you to do the same (if you aren't stretching enough already). I encourage you to spend more than 5 minutes a day stretching and take one day a week to stretch at least 30 minutes. You will thank me later!