How Can I Be Better?

I came across this question in a book I am reading about building my business and I instantly knew I wanted to share this with you. This simple question should be hard to answer. I am still working on answering this myself. You will need to really sit down and first think of one thing you can do better (I have tons!). Once you have narrowed down what you want to do better, next you need to analyze what you are currently doing so that you can come up with ways to do what you are doing better. PLEASE WRITE ALL OF THIS DOWN SO YOU DON’T FORGET. One thing that makes this question so powerful to me is that you can apply it to anything- work, school, fitness, relationships, etc. So feel free to apply this question to numerous parts of your daily life. The more you can do better than before the more successful you will be.

For me I'm working to better my business. I have created this website as one way to build my business but am currently thinking of others. I feel that the more people know about me and the services I offer, the better my business will be. I'm currently still analyzing and brainstorming ways to be better so be patient with this process, you may not come up with a solution right away- and that's ok. I'm excited to see what I come up with- I'll be sure to keep you all posted. 

So until next time, be better!