Are You Stretching Enough?

benefits of stretching


I must admit one of my weakness is STRETCHING! I know the importance and benefits of stretching, as well as a variety of stretches to do, but have failed to make stretching a consistent part of my fitness regimen. I do stretch before and after workouts but have never focused more than 10 minutes on stretching. Shockingly I love to foam roll but after 3 minutes (maybe less) I'm done- I can't handle the pain, even though it's a "good pain". 

I think my lack of proper stretching is finally catching up with me. My body has been asking for more stretching and I am finally ready to give my body what it needs! I honestly can't deal with the muscle and joint pain and soreness any longer. I am now ready and have made a new goal to spend at least an hour a week focusing only on stretching. I started this last week by going to a yoga class and I loved it! Yoga was just what I needed and I hate that it took me so long to attend a class. I am actually excited about attending again and also more likely to make stretching a priority.

Since I have rediscovered stretching, I want you to do the same (if you aren't stretching enough already). I encourage you to spend more than 5 minutes a day stretching and take one day a week to stretch at least 30 minutes. You will thank me later!