Holiday Survival Tips

I can't believe it's almost January 2017! I think it is officially safe to say that time really does fly. November and December are the hardest months for me to stay on top of healthy eating and consistent physical activity. Almost every weekend I have either a birthday gathering or holiday social to attend- this means lots of food and drinks. This can also mean extra inches around the waist and/or added pounds. As always this is something I strive to avoid but it is extremely tough without a plan. 

I try to stick to the following "survival tips" each holiday season:

  1. Stay hydrated: It is important to drink as much water as you can especially when you know you will be drinking. 
  2. Go for the salad first (If there is one): Eating a salad before anything else covers your vegetable requirement and will help you eat less later. 
  3. Walk down every aisle: When shopping for gifts, walk down every aisle. Getting extra steps each day can help with weight maintenance, especially if you haven't had the time to get your regular exercise in during the week.
  4. Park in the back: Not only will this save you time and the struggle of waiting for a park, you will also be getting in some extra steps!
  5. Have only ONE dessert: This may be the hardest survival tip but it is the most important. Eating less cakes, pies, and cookies will mean less weight gain in the long run. I suggest choosing your dessert wisely- wait to see the reactions of others before deciding which dessert to choose, this will ensure you pick the best choice.

During the holiday season it is important to enjoy yourself without overindulging. It is also a good idea to start thinking now how you will bounce back from the holidays in the New Year. Begin thinking of the new goals you want to crush and start reaching to those who can help you with these goals. As always I am here if you need any assistance with your fitness and nutrition goals.